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How can I remove my account?

09/14/2015 by tamberoweb

How can I remove my account?

To remove your account you must enter into your user preferences and then select the "Remove my account" item from your dataset option in a red frame (It shows "Keep my data intact" until you press the dropdown menu and choose your desired action). After that you must save the settings and that will delete all your data and disable your account.

To find the option on your desktop computer or tablet, go to the upper right of the screen and press on your name. The system will open your user preferences page. Look for the red frame at the bottom of the screen near the Save button.

In Mobile phones, go to the main menu, press Settings and then look your User Preferences (with your picture or user icon) and press there to open de User Preferences page. Look for the red frame at bottom of your page for the "Dataset" options.

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