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How do I load data of Milk Controls?

04/19/2011 by support

How do I load data of Milk Controls?

First you must create a new Milk Control (for example, "January 2011 Milk Control"). Then you can perform the load of each animal value in fast or traditional mode. The data required are: * Animal RP number. * quantity of liters (or the unit of measure you have chosen when creating the main dairy control) in each of the measurements depending on the methodology, ie one, two or three daily measurements. You can also add other information such as fat, protein and weight. The data must be loaded for each animal and shall specify the herd which it was at the time it was made ​​the measurement. When you don't indicate anything about the herd where the animal was during the milk control, the system automatically will put the current animal herd. You can specify an automated movement between herds checking the related option in the main milk control. In that way every time you entered a different herd between current animal's herd and milk control's herd, the system will automatically updates current animal herd to the new one value.

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